I am an Artist. I am a first-generation Mexican-American woman born and raised in San Jose, CA. As a young teen, I picked up a pencil and began to sketch 50 cent homie stickers from the drug store slot machines. I gradually started sketching objects, buildings and people. Soon after, I discovered paint brushes and fell in love.


When someone asks me who my first love was, I respond "my paint brushes." It does not matter how much time passes me by, my paint brushes are always there when I need them most. Two words that describe my paintings: Vibrant and Detailed. My paintings are influenced by my culture, Mother Nature and the female anatomy. ​

Today, I am painting with a heavy focus around empowering women. Latina women particularly heavily influence the woman I am becoming.  I want to create vibrant pieces that speak to the soul and evoke emotions that lie in the depths of our subconscious. More importantly, I want passion and pride to spread like wildfire across my community. Through my work, I hope to capture someone's ancestor, mother, wife, sister and daughter in the reflections of my "Latina Empowerment" portraits.


Arely Cardenas- Artist

 © 2020 by Arely Cardenas

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